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Lorrie Medford CN, CFT

As a certified nutritionist, Lorrie ranked in the top 10 in the country. Having seen more than 12,000 clients, she was uniquely qualified to teach, write and counsel people on lifestyle, health and weight loss.

As the number one account in Standard Process in the state of Oklahoma, and one of the top ten accounts in the nation, Lorrie was an expert in the Standard Process nutritional supplement line and developed thousands of protocols over the years. Lorrie had the largest inventory of Standard Process products in the state of Oklahoma. These products are only available for purchase in this clinic. See the Standard Process resale policy here.

Author and motivational speaker, Lorrie Medford had a B.A. in Communications and is a licensed Certified Nutritionist from The American Health Science University. She also holds certification as a personal trainer from The International Sports Science Association (ISSA). She has been involved with the Oklahoma Speakers Association and she also serves on the Advisory Board for Standard Process, Inc.

A health researcher and journalist, Lorrie has studied nutrition, whole-foods cooking, herbs, health, fitness, and motivation for more than 40 years. Lorrie taught her weight-loss class at a local junior college and through her own business for more than 20 years, and has taught natural foods cooking classes in Spokane, Washington and Tulsa, Oklahoma for several years.

She shares her knowledge in her seminars, and through her thriving nutritional consultation practice, Life Design Nutrition, in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

Lorrie is a nutritional consultant to the Miss Oklahoma organization and has counseled former Miss Oklahoma winners including: Casey Preslar (2002), Kelley Scott (2003), Elizabeth Kenney (2004) and Jennifer Warren (2005). She also has counseled Miss America (2006), Jennifer Berry and Miss America (2001), Lauren Nelson. Lorrie is also the nutritional consultant for the Tulsa Oilers Hockey Team. Other clients include Jim Stovall, singer and musician Yancy, saxophonist Jerome Lee, and pianist Daniel Kleefeld.

Lorrie has a rich history of community involvement teaching nutrition and is a sought-after speaker for civic groups, churches, hospitals, and wellness organizations. She is uniquely qualified to write about health and fitness. Lorrie knows what it’s like to be a cranky calorie counter obsessed with foods, dieting, and striving to be thin. After struggling with her weight for many years, Lorrie lost more than 35 pounds and has kept it off for more than thirty years.

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