Me Constipated? Part Three

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17Apr2014causesconstipationForeign invaders (toxic by-products) in the digestive track can wreak havoc on our weight-loss efforts. Amy was a health fitness trainer at the health club where my office was located. Tired, frustrated, and constipated, she came to me with questions about colon cleansing. She was in good shape, but she was constipated. And she couldn’t get rid of her pouch no matter how many crunches she did. Bad breath was also a source of embarrassment to her. After cleansing her colon, her constipation, bad breath, and pouch were gone!

Toxic waste in a body with steel abs and toned thighs? All too possible. As a nutritionist and personal trainer, I’ve met dozens of clients with great bodies and toxic colons!

Your Digestive Hoover Vacuum Cleaner

The colon, or large intestine, is the end portion of the human digestive tract where waste is eliminated. The vacuum cleaner you use in your home draws in all the dust and dirt around the house. When the bag gets full you change it, right? Now think about your colon.

For years you have eaten food and assumed that, as though by magic, your body processed all good food, neutralized all the toxins, and just eliminated them. In a perfect world that might be true. Unfortunately, most of us don’t have “Hoover colons!” In fact, if you have any kind of colon problem, like colitis, diverticulitis, or irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), it shows your colon has not been working properly.

Prevention Is Better

Most Americans consume about seven to ten grams of fiber daily; a healthy number is twenty-five to thirty-five grams. In 1950, one in five Americans died of cancer of the colon, prostate or breast. In 1990, one in three people died. By the year 2000 it is predicted that one in two people will die of breast, prostate, or colon cancer. The sad fact is that many of these cancers can be prevented with healthy digestion and elimination.

Toxicity from the colon is not limited to the colon, because waste seeps into the bloodstream and to the rest of the body. I have long believed that the secret to long life, good looks, weight loss, and disease-free living is cleansing the colon.

Do You Need a Colon Sweep?

Colon problems are so rampant that in recent years Grandma’s words, “Eat your roughage,” have been making a comeback. Today we call it fiber. Did you know most of the food we eat lacks fiber? (Processed foods are again the culprit.) If we had been raised on a diet of fresh, whole foods, we would have had the fiber needed to clean toxic wastes out of our system. But since we didn’t, we can help our body to sweep out those toxins by supplementing our diet with some kind of safe fiber.

Where Is the Build-Up? Waste that cannot be eliminated can build up on the colon walls creating impacted feces.  The rest may block the digestive tract causing constipation, weight gain, fatigue and skin problems.  I’ve even seen many of my clients’ chronic migraines leave following a good colon detox.

Not in My Body!

Most people have no idea the kind of toxic waste that may accumulate in their colons. In fact, some health researchers believe that it could take up to a year to really clean the average colon. I’ve read that even if we are having three bowel movements a day, our colon still could be clogged. Most people mistakenly think that one bowel movement per day is sufficient. The truth is less than two to three bowel movements a day is a sure sign of constipation.

Is Constipation Harmless?

People think of constipation as harmless. It is not. Constipation may be a warning sign of other more serious problems in the stomach, liver, or thyroid. Chronic constipation is serious and is linked to hemorrhoids, varicose veins, appendicitis, problems with the intestinal tract, and even cancer. All of these hinder the colon from eliminating waste properly. Processed foods are like paste on your intestinal wall. Without fiber, this “paste” has nothing to move it out. Try this.  Stir up a small mixture of flour and water in a paper cup and let it sit overnight.  This will demonstrate the type of “paste” that clings to the walls of the intestines.  Fiber is needed to keep it moving.

What Can I Do?

Colon elimination can be improved by eating a healthy diet, supplemented with good fiber and eliminative herbs, which we will look at shortly. Herbal products undo the effects of temporary constipation, increase peristaltic contractions, and tone the colon. They are far safer than prescription and over-the-counter laxatives, which can be toxic. One client who came to me for help had used over-the-counter laxatives for more than ten years. This resulted in more serious health problems with her heart and she is still recovering.  Here is a two part cleanse that I have sold in my clinic for more than seventeen years.

Multi Cleanse Formula

This is one of the best clinically formulated internal body cleanser backed by over 30,000 hours of nutritional expertise. This product has changed hundreds of thousands of people’s lives through gentle and effective whole body internal cleansing. Multi-Cleanse Formulas are formulated specifically to address all five channels of elimination, including the bowel, kidneys, lungs, skin and lymphatic system, as well as the bloodstream, cells, and tissues of the body.

Part One contains 29 powerful cleansing herbs that target 29 specific body parts (Milk Thistle for the liver, Red Clover for the bloodstream, Hawthorn for the heart, plus 26 more!) to stimulate the cleansing and release of toxins and poisons trapped in the body from poor dietary habits and environmental pollutants.

Part Two contains a blend of 13 fibers and herbs that stimulate bile and promote peristaltic action (including 2-3 bowel movements per day), while sweeping, toning, and cleansing the digestive and eliminative system.  You’ll feel lighter, better, more energetic, and healthier! You may notice enhanced digestion, better elimination, healthier hair, skin & nails, brighter eyes, increased mental clarity, heightened enthusiasm and vitality, and much more. Cleansing your internal body is like giving yourself an “internal tune-up”. Every body part seems to work better.

Join me next week for the last article of this series, part four on the topic of probiotics.

Adapted from the book, Why Can’t I Lose Weight? By Lorrie Medford Copyright 2011 All rights reserved.

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