Nutritional Counseling

Did You Know?

Although the U.S. has the world’s most advanced food processing technology, most Americans are undernourished. Additionally:

*Less than 9% of the population eats the daily-recommended 3-5 servings of fruits and vegetables.
*Americans eat almost 175-200 pounds of sugar per person a year.
*8 of the 10 leading causes of death are diet and lifestyle related.
*1 out of 3 Americans are overweight.

These alarming facts with the addition of poor digestion, enzyme-deficient food, environmental toxins, food chemicals and the lack of exercise, it’s no wonder that lead to so many people feeling tired, and lacking energy and motivation.

What About You?

You are concerned about your health, and perhaps you are already eating well, taking vitamins and exercising. But how effective is your program? If you aren’t feeling energetic every day, something is still missing. Wouldn’t you like to know if your lifestyle is healthy, and if your supplements are working for you? Our approach is based on finding answers and getting results. For example, weight loss is easier when we can identify the “hidden” causes of being overweight like allergies or poor digestion.

What You Can Expect

During your consultation, you will receive:

*An analysis of your current nutritional status and lifestyle patterns
*A nutritional profile, including health, weight loss and lifestyle goals
*The identification of any “hidden” health problems
*A realistic plan for you to achieve your health goals that works with your busy schedule

Life Design Nutrition has helped thousands of people lose weight and keep it off. We have dozens of meal plans that are not diets, but rather plans to designed to teach you how to eat, incorporating normal foods that people generally like. We will also have you fill out a food diary so that we can monitor your progress. We welcome the opportunity to help you meet your health and weight loss goals.

Protocols Available

We have numerous protocols for other various health conditions such as:

Acne and other skin diseases
Allergies, Asthma, Arthritis
Anorexia and Bulimia
Digestive problems such as IBS
Female Hormone Balance
Headaches and Migraines
Immune Issues
Panic Attacks
Prostate Issues
Sports Nutrition
Varicose Veins

Alzheimer’s and Dementias
Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
Heart Disease
Pregnancy and Fertility
Sleep Issues
Thyroid Issues
Weight Loss

In House Appointment

After you complete a Food Diary, Symptom Survey, and Health Evaluation, we will also do an analysis of your current nutritional status and lifestyle behavior patterns. During this consultation, you will receive a nutritional profile, including health, lifestyle and weight loss goals. At the end of the consultation, we will give you a realistic plan for you to achieve your health goals. This New Client Adult consultation costs $110.

Follow-up appointments are only $30 for 30 minutes. The first follow-up is two weeks following your initial consultation. To get started with the program SCHEDULE YOUR APPOINTMENT with us today. Click for New Client Health Evaluation Paperwork.

Telephone Consultation

For people who can’t come to Tulsa, we also offer telephone consultations which costs $75 and last about 30 minutes.  Before the appointment, you will be asked to fill out a Food Diary, Symptom Survey, and Health Evaluation. You will e-mail, mail or fax these papers and any other information that is important.

When you have completed your paperwork and returned it with the proper payment, an appointment will be made. We will phone you, at our expense, at that appointment time. We will go over your paperwork and give you our recommendations, which we will mail to you.


(Online Symptom Survey)

We offer an online symptom survey to asses your health needs based on your symptoms. This is a secure online process. Whether you’re a new client or a current client wanting to re-evaluate your supplement protocol this is a great option for you. Once you complete the symptom survey, We will make recommendations and we will email those to you. To access the symptom survey you simply need to call us here at the office (918) 664-4483 and we will get some information from you then you will receive an email explaining to you how to access the online survey.

Whole Food Supplements and Herbs

Synthetic vitamins are toxic to the body and can actually cause vitamin deficiencies. That’s why we’ve been careful to only use natural supplements with great results. We also carry various whole food herbs including bilberry, hawthorn, garlic, ginkgo, wild yam, echinacea, silymarin, ginkgo, and many others.

Vitamins For Children

We carry a few chewable vitamins that children like: A multiple vitamin, a tuna omega-3 supplement, a probiotic, and immune system support.

Gift Certificates Available

Gift Certificates are available for purchase with a credit card in denominations of $25, $50, $75 and $110.

You can call our office at (918) 664-4483 for more information and to schedule your appointment. We accept Visa, Master Card, AMEX as well as HSA and FSA.