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Why Whole Food Supplements?

wholefoodsuppYou may be like so many of my clients who have collected a variety of supplements but at the same time you don’t necessarily feel any better. Why?

There has always been a debate about the types of supplements available. There are three types of supplement processing methods: natural, synthetic, and crystalline. Natural supplements are whole foods with just the water and fiber removed. These are the most natural form of supplementing your diet, and you can generally tell a natural supplement because it will list the food sources from which these foods were obtained. Examples are: wheat germ, brewer’s yeast, acerola cherries, etc.

I ask my clients to bring in a list of the supplements they are taking or the bottles themselves. In counseling, some of my clients have asked me why since they have taken some type of vitamin for a period of time and either it never worked or it worked at first and then seemed to stop “working.” Why?

Synthetic vitamins are toxic to the body and can actually cause vitamin deficiencies! That’s why in my office, I’ve been careful to only use natural supplements with great results. Just compare an orange to ascorbic acid or vitamin C. The orange has the full vitamin C complex with all of the enzymes, coenzymes, antioxidants, trace elements, activators, and other unknown factors that cause the vitamin to work. Ascorbic acid, which is commonly sold as vitamin C, is only one part of this once whole food!

You can’t take a complex apart and expect it to work the way God designed it. Once it has been separated, the components are missing. If your body already has the cofactors to recombine and process ascorbic acid, you could experience some improvement for a time. If you don’t, the ascorbic acid won’t benefit you.

The symptoms you were trying to eliminate will return, and you will end up with a vitamin C deficiency! Synthetic vitamins are usually much cheaper than natural supplements since natural supplements involve growing whole food substances. Synthetic supplements can come from many sources, including by products of various petro chemical companies. So taking one or more isolated vitamins can actually create an imbalance of vitamins which is worse than a deficiency. Synthetics can cause an imbalance.

When used in high doses, these act as pharmacological agents – in other words, drugs. For example, synthetic vitamin E is often recommended to take 20-40 times what it would naturally occur in food. Why should we get many times the amount of a vitamin or mineral than we would naturally get in food? In working with clients, I’ve seen that small amounts of whole food natural supplements are far more effective than megadoses of synthetic vitamins.

Don’t confuse a stimulatory effect from processed synthetic vitamins as being a healthy result. The long-term use of synthetic and crystalline vitamins actually makes you toxic. How do you know the difference? Look for the names of real whole foods sources on the label, such as “brown rice, wheat germ, or soy beans”, rather than names of chemicals that you can’t understand or pronounce. And expect to see lower potency in natural whole food supplements. A minute amount of a vitamin in its whole food form is more effective nutritionally than a large amount of a synthetic one.

Don’t waste your precious money on synthetic supplements, which cause expensive urine. Be a good label reader and supplement shopper.

Why Whole Foods? – brochure – This brochure explains that not all supplements are alike. Only supplements made from whole foods can nourish and bring people back to optimum health.

Are you feeding your body? – brochure – This brochure explains that our American diets are incomplete and that only whole food supplements fill the gap. It also reports how not all whole food supplements work the same.

Refined Wheat – brochure – This poster illustrates how our foods are devitalized and why we need to supplement our diets with whole food supplements in order to replace these missing nutrients.

NOTE: Standard Process Nutritional Supplements are not available at health food stores or on-line. They are sold only to licensed medical practitioners, and used according to the instruction given by the doctor. They are available for purchase from Life Design Nutrition.

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