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  • Why Should I Take Probiotics? Part Four

    Why Should I Take Probiotics? Part Four

    Admin Apr, 24, 2014

    The term “probiotics” refers to foods or supplements (for example, capsules, tablets and powders) that contain “friendly” bacteria that are similar to those normally found…

  • Me Constipated? Part Three

    Me Constipated? Part Three

    Admin Apr, 17, 2014

    Foreign invaders (toxic by-products) in the digestive track can wreak havoc on our weight-loss efforts. Amy was a health fitness trainer at the health club…

  • Tummy Problems, Part Two

    Tummy Problems, Part Two

    Admin Apr, 10, 2014

    In addition to enzymes, your stomach also makes hydrochloric acid, or HCl, for breaking down protein. Americans start to have deficiencies of HCl at an…

  • Tummy Trouble? Part One

    Tummy Trouble? Part One

    Admin Apr, 03, 2014

    Food that is not broken down properly doesn’t just cause a stomachache; it causes future health problems!  Undigested food putrefies and ferments in the stomach…