What Supplements Do We Really Need? Part Three

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vitaminsinanapple Here are the top supplements most people need.
1. A Whole-Foods Multiple Vitamin/Mineral: My preference is Catalyn which is head and shoulders above any other multiple on the market. Many clients ask me about their “one-a-day” vitamins. In order to explain the difference, we have to compare what’s on the labels. Most synthetic “one-a-day” vitamins contain one part—the organic nutrient—of each complex. For example, one client showed me his $30 synthetic vitamin. For vitamin C, it lists “ascorbic acid,” for vitamin E, it lists “alpha- tocopherol,” and so on. Its label indicates that it only contains cheap, chemical versions of each organic nutrient.
Catalyn, which retails for $11, contains each entire complex. Compared to the typical one-a-day, Catalyn contains hundreds of thousands of nutrients from many whole-food sources. For example, rather than just thiamine, it contains the entire B complex, which includes all of the B vitamins. Rather than just alpha-tocopherol, it contains the entire E complex including alpha, beta, gamma, and delta tocopherols, as well as selenium, xanthine, lipositols, and much more. Rather than just ascorbic acid, it contains the bioflavonoids, tyrosinase, and P, K and J factors, and so on. Unfortunately, there’s not enough room to list all of these nutrients on the label.
Additionally, Catalyn works as a catalyst for hundreds of chemical reactions in the body, optimizing the benefits provided by the supplements.
Dr. Lee wrote as far back as 1938 that there are many parts of the complex, and even many versions of each complex. (Hope this isn’t getting too complex!)
In our slight present knowledge of vitamin chemistry, we have so far found four forms of vitamin A, six forms of vitamin B, three forms of vitamin C, twelve forms of vitamin D, etc.
Ascorbic acid (the main ingredient in most multiple vitamins) has proven quite useless in controlling a condition of bleeding gums, loose teeth and black and blue spots (pseudo bruises) that indicate a definite scurvy condition.
Avid label readers looking for maximum amounts of certain nutrients won’t find them on the Catalyn label. As with all whole-food supplements, Catalyn is packed with every nutrient complex from organic sources. They are the vitamins, minerals, and trace elements normally found in a multiple vitamin.
Catalyn is so comprehensive; I use it (or Cyrofood which contains more fiber) as part of my pre-natal protocol. For example, when Michelle came to see me, she had been on her pre-natal for 14 months. She reported, “When I switched to Catalyn, within two weeks I was feeling much better!” I’ve seen great results using Catalyn compared to synthetic, pre-natal vitamins on the market. Women reported feeling better, having more energy, and their pregnancies were much easier.
2. Digestive Enzyme: Most people over 40 stay low in digestive enzymes and suffer gastric problems. I use Zypan, Multizyme, Zymex, Okra-Pepsin or Gastrex, depending on the condition
3. Essential Oil Supplement: This contains essential fatty acids important in making prostaglandins for proper hormone function. Linum B6 is the Standard Process flaxseed oil supplement. Omega-3 supplement. Ours is Tuna Omega-3, which has both EPA and DHA. I also recommend Cod Liver Oil for people who want to get more of Vitamins A and D together with their Omega-3.
In addition to these, here are additional supplements that might be appropriate.
4. Vitamin B Complex: Many people who are overweight, fatigued or exhausted are deficient in the B complex vitamins so vital for proper carbohydrate metabolism. Cataplex B is one of the best B complex supplements that I have ever used which contains the entire B complex. The label lists doses between 5-20 milligrams, which are far more effective than the common 50, or 100 milligrams listed on synthetic B vitamin labels.
5. Antioxidant: If you are concerned about cancer, live in a polluted environment, or want a stronger preventive health program, take natural vitamins A, C, E and the mineral selenium, which are antioxidants. There are several ways to get this protection from whole foods. Standard Process Cataplex AC, ACP or OPC with Cataplex E are great.
Remember, there is a big difference between what’s on the label and what’s inside. If you look at Cataplex E, for example, you’ll see 5 I.U. of the entire E complex, which is far superior to 400-600 I.U. of just alpha-tocopherol. The same goes for each of the supplements. A good rule of thumb is to follow the directions on the label.
6. Calcium/Magnesium Supplement or other bone building formula. It’s especially good if you don’t eat dairy products, and drink caffeinated beverages. I use Calcium Lactate, which is a vegetable-based calcium, with a proper ratio of calcium to magnesium. Magnesium deficiencies are even more common. I recommend Magnesium Lactate. Additionally I would have your vitamin D tested by your doctor and supplement with Cataplex D if required.
7. Green Food Supplement: So many people don’t eat the most protective foods: fresh fruits and vegetables. For those people, SP Green Food is great. It contains Brussels sprouts, kale, alfalfa, and barley grass, all organically grown.
8. Probiotics or an Acidophilus Supplement is vital if you have yeast infections or use antibiotics frequently. Prosynbiotic or Zymex or a combination of both is great.
In addition you may a particular “protocol” to help the body regain health. For example, I use Cataplex B, Multizyme, and Cataplex GTF or Diaplex, whole foods supplements from Standard Process, to help people with sugar cravings and blood-sugar problems.
How Do You Take Them?
I encourage you to try to take your supplements three times a day with meals. If you can’t take them with meals, then take them before or after you eat. If you can’t manage to take them three times, then cut the dosage in half and take them twice a day. Just get them in every day!
Whole-food supplements, since they are food, nourish your body every time you take them. Some protocols call for 3 a day, and others 6 a day. Follow these recommendations; otherwise you won’t get results, or you’ll need the product longer. For example, if you only take 3 Cataplex GTF a day, it’s not as effective for stopping sugar cravings as 6 a day. Until you get the right dose, you will keep needing the supplement.
Standard Process Resale Policy
Standard Process products are only sold through health professionals. For information on products, please contact me from my website. For Standard Process resale policy, click here.

Adapted from the book, Why Do I Need Whole Food Supplements? By Lorrie Medford Copyright 2011 All rights reserved.

To order Lorrie’s book, Why Do I Need Whole Food Supplements?, click here.

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